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SUSPECT #2 in Cordelia’s attack: Joan Ramsey

Joan - name meaning “gift from God” or “god is gracious”
Ramsey - “Motto Ora et labora” (Pray and work)

The evidence or lack thereof:
Ironically, enough the chief of clan Ramsey’s depiction was that of a raven or a black eagle, which supports the depiction of flying black feathers in many scenes. Likewise, the crest of the clan includes that of a unicorn - more horned animals in this show.

Joan makes her appearance in the episode, The Replacements, as the zealous, religious mother to her son Luke, which happens to be the same episode at the end in which Cordelia is blinded. She threatens Nan and Madison to stay away from her son, prior to the attack, and goes to Cordelia and Fiona, telling them to keep their girls away from her house. Additionally, while at the Ramsey house, Madison nearly throws a knife straight at her head and sets their drapes on fire to which Madison responds that she conjured the devil. Joan forbids Luke from going to see the Robichaux girls.

Also as quoted on “The series, which focuses on rivaling groups of witches, casts LuPone as Joan Ramsey, a religious next-door neighbor, who will go up against Jessica Lange as Fiona and Sarah Paulson, who plays her daughter, Cordelia. “Patti’s character is a bit of a holy roller who has recently lost her husband under suspicious circumstances," Minear told

Joan has yet to be seen after her meeting with Fiona & Cordelia, where Fiona threatened her, yet Luke appears against his mother’s wishes at the Robichaux Academy with cookies for Nan. Making her whereabouts and alibi unknown at the time of Cordelia’s attack. So how did he escape his mother’s scrutiny and sneak out?

Also, Lupone fits the bill of the attacker: Caucasian, shorter than Sarah Paulson (5’6”) at 5’2”, and likely female as the attacker appeared in the ladies room.

Joan has the most noticeable incentive in harming Cordelia, as she and Fiona butt heads in Replacements & the Robichaux Academy “seems” to stand against everything she represents as a Christian, trying to protect her son from evil.

Likewise, it appears to be an eye for an eye kind of circumstance, forgive the terrible pun, in that Madison and Nan go after her son & she would take vengeance on Fiona’s daughter - at the same level. Not to mention it would be killing two birds with one stone, as Cordelia is not only Fiona’s daughter but the Headmistress of such an “abominable” place.

Not only that but it is questionable as to why she would be so vehement about not letting the girls get close to Luke, yet she allows him to go over to the Academy… unless maybe she wasn’t there & was at the scene of the crime.

Other theories:
1•Joan didn’t really seem to be all that concerned when Madison used her telekinesis or set the drapes on fire, and she came over to the Academy seeming to know that something was unusual about these girls. Perhaps, she is like Hank and hunts witches, knowing what to look for.

2•The fact that Joan seemed rather unsurprised by Madison’s talent, also begs the question if perhaps she isn’t a witch herself of a different coven, utilizing the cover of religious zeal to become undiscovered. A witch in sheep’s clothing.

3•Along the same lines as 2, perhaps she is a witch but doesn’t actively participate, instead burying her identity after her husband’s “mysterious death”. Plus, witches are a dying breed, and maybe the Robichaux Academy threatens to expose them all.

4•In conjunction with 1 & her being a witch hunter, maybe she is a straight up religious zealot like those people who burned Misty at the stake. Perhaps, even she was married to a warlock and killed him because if it.

5•Unlikely but maybe she is the new Supreme, realizing that talking Fiona down one peg at a time will be her undoing.

Things that I expect to be revealed soon:
•Her husband died at work. That work being at a chemical plant. And where did the doctor say that sulfuric acid is most likely found at chemical plants.

•Luke will reveal the strangeness of his mother’s actions.

•Luke and his mother in fact are in on it together, and he was used as a pawn in going over to the Academy in “Fearful Pranks Ensue” to distract the girls from his mother’s actions. Why else would the only thing she would do is not open the door to Nan after her son had been stabbed in the back on their property?

•Luke’s back will be healed, showing no scar.

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